Abbey of Saint Markovia


The Abbey of Saint Markovia is an ancient monastery that rests above the small city of Krezk. It predates the town by hundreds of years, but was abandoned and rumored haunted for long ages before the coming of the Abbot ~630 BC. The switchback road that hugs the mountains up from Krezk to the Abbey is a steep stone footpath, perilous even to you seasoned adventurers. Most Barovians only make pilgrimage here for illnesses that have no other other recourse. A few may venture here for the Abbot’s large library, containing books on loan from exotic locales throughout Barovia.

Notable people at the Abbey:

The Abbey itself consists of two large buildings — the great hall and the barracks — and rooms for guests and pilgrims. It houses a small but self-sustaining community of acolytes, who tend vegetable gardens and wield clubs and small spells. Most devotees have taken a vow of silence (except the Abbot and his right-hand man Costello. They bear a tattoo on their foreheads.

The abbey is dedicated to Saint Markovia and the religion of the Morning Lord. The symbols and cross-stitches revere Life, Good, Beauty, and the Sun.

Abbey of Saint Markovia

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