The Rozana — or the Ladies, or the Ladies Three — are entities revered as gods by the ancient druidic peoples of Barovia. The book Fanes of Barovia offers folk stories and ritual practices, in some places contradictory but generally coherent with your understanding of the local history.

You have seen in your travels that the druidic people of the forests and mountains do not speak Common and have little commerce with the settled folks. Most Barovians think druids are most easily found in the southwest — from the slopes of Mount Ghakis to the forests around Yester Hill to the swamps of Berez. Though hard to find, you know they are powerful from your battle at the winery: they fight with strong magic and in alliance with beasts and plants.

Some factions still worship the Ladies (individually or as a group) and revere them; others are loyal to Strahd.

  • Calling themselves old Cerunnos, those folk that worship the Ladies believe that the desecration of the fanes can be reversed and the Ladies, in hibernation or hiding, can be called back by the defeat of Strahd and the appropriate religious rituals.
  • Those that respect Strahd as the Land are known to the others as the Faithless. They believe that the Ladies have been destroyed completely or have forsaken the land. Their power and authority has been usurped completed by Strahd, making Him effectively undefeatable and inextricably tied to the Land itself.


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