Saint Markovia


Aurica Markovia, Lady of Physic was a cleric of the Morninglord who once cared for the wounded at the Abbey. She joined the monastery at a young age, and proved a charismatic proselytizer as well as an adept healer. By the age of 30, she had a reputation as fierce adversary of evil.

Markovia raised an army of holy paladins to defend the Abbey against undead forces, serving the Dark Lord a rare defeat. She rallied her forces and marked to the castle, where she died in battle against the forces of Strahd von Zarovich in 254 BC. The events of her death are unknown, but it is said that ever since the Dark Lord walks with a limp and a grimace of pain.

Saint Markovia’s Thighbone is a holy relic of Markovia’s remains, preserved by her saintliness. It inflicts grievous injury on the undead

Saint Markovia

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